Finally, we have been contacted by numerous shareholders asking how they can become involved and if there are employment opportunities with the Company. The answer is yes. We are in the process of moving our operations to a larger facility to allow for the considerable growth we are undertaking and are actively seeking individuals for several positions within marketing, production, sales and operations. If you would like to submit your resume, you can forward it along with a cover letter referring to any position you are interested in. Those resumes can be submitted to: info@medicalmarijuanainc.com. We would love to discuss any potential opportunity with you.


In a recent speech, the International Monetary Fund's Managing Director, Christine Lagarde mentioned:

"What we need is a full-speed global economy, growth that is solid, sustainable, balanced, but also inclusive and very much rooted in green developments."

We at MJNA believe Ms. Lagarde's comments summarize many of our goals in creating a worldwide enterprise that produces sustainable and renewable products, goods and services. This benefits us all, at every corner of the earth. A sustainable, renewable economy will wean us off the oil-based economy and the many unsustainable practices that make us cringe every day. With over 50,000 known uses, we feel that the hemp plant can provide everything from health and wellness products from its specialty extracts, to building and construction materials, bio-plastics, bio-fuels and textiles. The hemp seed is extremely nutritious with complete amino acids to build protein, essential fatty acids in a proper balance to promote cardio-vascular health and key minerals and enzymes for optimal functioning.  


With our recent involvement with KannaLife Sciences and the ongoing efforts to develop MedChewRX into a revolutionary pharmaceutical product, MJNA has taken a big step forward in the field of bio-technology. We are truly an emerging bio-tech company and are unique in that our future success involves more than just one future pharmaceutical or over the counter product. Like any emerging bio-tech company, there are the ups and downs of product development and sales as well as ups and downs in market value / share price.