We get many questions on what we consider Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana and Medical Marijuana as well as how do we define them. Cannabis L Sativa is a plant that encompasses both the industrial hemp and marijuana families. Marijuana is defined as containing a THC content (THC is the psycho-active ingredient) of more than 0.9% or products derived from the flower and leaves of hemp. In today's marijuana market, many marijuana strains contain over 10% THC, some upwards of 20%. Industrial hemp would be defined as a variety of Cannabis L Sativa that contains less than 0.9% THC.

For informational purposes, marijuana has about 200 different strains (varieties) and generally refers to the recreational usage. In medical circles, the term "cannabis" refers to the medicinal usage of marijuana.

Industrial hemp was formerly a staple crop of the United States in Colonial times and hemp farmers include many famous names: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. In all, over 30 industrialized countries allow for the growing and harvesting of industrial hemp, including our northern neighbor Canada. Industrial hemp has over 2,000 known cultivars and over 50,000 known industrial uses.

Marijuana, although classified as a Schedule 1 substance, seems to have many medicinal values and properties. In all, nineteen US States plus the District of Columbia have recognized medical marijuana and have programs where patients with certain needs, can obtain medical marijuana. There are well over 1,000,000 patients in the United States who are "medical marijuana" patients ( ) which means that a significant number of physicians in the United States do prescribe medicinal marijuana / cannabis for certain patients and their circumstances.

If one does not have a recommendation from a doctor for use, then use of marijuana is considered "recreational." With all the stresses we face in today's society, our opinion is that if there is something from natural sources that can help one to relax and deal with life's stresses with minimal side effects (compared to alcohol or tobacco) – then this should be allowed.