Stocks Are Doomed. Buy More Stocks.

BALTIMORE ( Stockpickr) -- Have you heard? Stocks are doomed.

Or at least that's the story that most investors are still sticking to in 2013.

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Despite all the scariness in stocks right now -- and I'll concede that there is some scariness -- the evidence points to more upside in Mr. Market for the foreseeable future. There's a big difference this time around, though. With the S&P 500 up more than double since its lowest point in 2009, the stakes are a lot higher for investors who aren't paying attention.

Thing is, this massive rally hasn't been fueled by retail cash pouring into the stock market by the dump truck-full. So far, most individual investors have been sitting on the sidelines. At some point, though, that's going to change, and when it does, the money flow into stocks is going to accelerate the uptrend in the broad market.

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Today, I want to bust the myths that may be holding you back from buying stocks.

Myth 1: Everyone Already Loves Stocks

Don't confuse the 11% climb year-to-date in the S&P with investors loving stocks. They don't.

By and large, investors see the climb in the broad market as a reason to be concerned about a correction, not a reason to pile into what they mistakenly see as a "crowded trade." I'm not just talking about individual investors, though. Wall Street hates stocks too.

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Strategist stock allocations, a measure of how strategists at investment firms are recommending clients allocate their portfolios to stocks, are currently at 45.8%. That means that Wall Street is recommending that investors keep less than half of their money in the stock market in the middle of a rally. For context, that's less love for stocks than strategists showed back in the depths of 2009.

Compare that with the lofty 72% that Wall Street recommended putting into stocks back in 2001. And the metric came off of an all-time low in the middle of last year. Face it, the pros don't really like stocks right now.

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