3. Atlanta Braves

Average ticket price: $17.32

Change from 2012: +3.8%

Keep in mind, this is for a team that actually made the playoffs last year. The Braves still have the lowest ticket price of any of last year's postseason contenders and are perennially far better than their ticket price suggests. So why are prices this low? Because that's what it takes to draw Braves fans. Not the unbroken stretch of playoff appearances from 1995 to 2005. Not the two playoff appearances in the past three years. Nope, there are those who'd rather dwell on the relative lack of World Series titles (a complaint Cleveland fans still wouldn't mind strangling your whole city over) and the two losing seasons in 2006 and 2008. Know when this team's last losing season was before then? 1990. The Braves have given their fans a lot more than an average $17.32 worth of baseball, and the grateful portion of Braves fans know it all too well.

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