The trailing 12-month EBITDA earnings line seems to be closely related with the stock's price movement. The leadership history of the NYSE has been checkered at best over the past eight years. At least it continued to pay a dividend with a hard-to-sustain payout ratio of 86%.

NYX investors who purchased shares before ICE came along are keeping their fingers crossed about the final approval and sealing of the deal during the second half of this year. If the regulatory and approval process breaks down (which isn't anticipated), NYX shares may do the same.

NYSE Euronext reports earnings Tuesday before the market open. The analyst community is looking for an average quarterly year-over-year EPS increase of about 21%. Sales growth and revenue are expected to be up slightly (1.1%) from the same quarter last year.

Those who are interested in owning ICE shares may want to wait until its earnings are out and its conference call airs, which will be 8:30 a.m. EDT on May 1. The premise for owning shares after the earnings report and company news is released is based on the hope that the acquisition of NYX will go through during the second half of the year.

If that were delayed or blocked, ICE shares could be impacted. Either way, ICE has a solid future. Any unforeseen economic setbacks or a change in the economic climate could have the same effect on ICE and its shareholders.

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