10 Worst Jobs in America

By Dan Fastenberg

What is the worst job in America? In a troubled economy, where unemployment is high and the employed are overworked and underpaid, the competition is surely stiff. But each year CareerCast.com, the employment website, ranks 200 professions in America to come up with the answer.

The list is based on five factors: physical demands, work environment, income, stress and hiring outlook. This year, the 25th year of the CareerCast list, technological advancements appear to have complicated -- if not threatened -- several once-comfortable and sought-after American professions.

Not all jobs at the bottom of the list pay badly. One even pays an average salary of $60,750, while the average salary for a full-time worker in the U.S is around $41,000. In fact, the list of the worst jobs includes gigs that might always be considered desirable -- that is, once you reach the top of the field. Below are the bottom 10 on the list of 200 jobs, along with average salary information -- with No. 1 on the ranking being considered the least desirable. But tell us, what do YOU think is the worst job in America?

The Worst Jobs of 2013:

10. Flight Attendant -- Average income: $37,740

9. Roofer -- Average income: $34,220

8. Mail Carrier -- Average income: $53,090

7. Meter Reader -- Average income: $36,400

6. Dairy Farmer -- Average income: $60,750

5. Oil Rig Worker -- Average income: $37,640

4. Actor -- Average income: $17.44/hour

3. Enlisted Military Personnel -- Average income:$41,998

2. Lumberjack -- Average income: $32,870.

1. Newspaper Reporter -- Average income: $36,000.

Do you agree ? What do you think is the worst job in America? Share your comments below.

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