"SGI has over 21 years of experience in managing the most valuable digital assets of hundreds of the largest and most complex data environments on earth," said Jorge Titinger, CEO of SGI. "With the introduction of SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway, we are able to bring this powerful solution to a wider market, who are now running into these same Big Data management problems."

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway is deployed as a factory-integrated solution in the 4U SGI® MIS™ storage server, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors. SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway is designed to be plug and play, connecting into existing network infrastructures and appearing to users and applications like a conventional storage device.

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway includes up to 276 terabytes of onboard capacity.  As that local capacity begins to fill, data is virtualized with any of multiple different storage choices to enable the entire storage fabric to scale to massive proportions. The Gateway leverages technology used in deployments with over 100 petabytes in data capacity, and approaching nearly two billion files. Several SGI customers have large virtualized data environments with this technology that have been online with uninterrupted online access to data for more than 20 years.

Virtualized tiers can include tape, Zero-Watt Disk or MAID, and object storage. This will also enable hybrid environments that can include public and private cloud storage architectures. The choices enable a cost-optimized storage infrastructure to be deployed into to the fabric, depending on the performance and retention requirements for varying portions of an organization's data. Users and applications never see where the data resides – nor do they need to worry. To them, all data is online and available at all times.


SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway will be available in June.

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