If Tim Cook Gets Fired, I'm Dumping My Apple

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It seems everybody has an opinion when it comes to Apple ( AAPL). It is remarkable how some people who have a hard time managing their weekly household budgets think they have better operational ideas and can run one of the largest companies in the world better than its CEO.

Look, it's easy to dump on Apple and in particular, Tim Cook, while the stock is down. But let's have some perspective. I'm not Cook's biggest fan, either. But it takes more than just a cursory look at the stock price and a couple of hiccups to demand his firing. I'm not here on some moral high ground coming to Cook's defense but the public sometimes seems too emotional and uneducated on what it's asking for.

Apple understands its current market position. To that end, it's more than ridiculous that we, who are on the outside looking in, feel that we have more urgency than Cook to get Apple to improve its performance. It's nonsense! While we want to chronically place Cook on the proverbial "hot seat," ask yourself, have the last six months really mattered more than the last six years?

Has Apple's growth momentum slowed? Without a doubt it has. But the company has not been a complete disaster, either. It's not Apple's fault that the stock market got dumb and our expectations got out of control. That's not to say that I'm content with the stock's recent performance. But I also understand that it was not Apple's fault that its stock went to $705.

Despite growing pessimism about Tim Cook's performance, Apple's most recent quarter told a different story. We need to be careful when throwing the word "disappointment" towards Cook's direction. Apple is coming off a quarter, during which the company posted 52% sequential revenue growth, which also advanced 18% year over year.

Now let's keep this performance in the context of Apple's immense size. The company at the time was still the largest in the world according to market cap. So, while you are comfortably calling for Cook's firing from your recliner, it needs to be followed with who should replace Cook and what should be the standard of performance. That's the only way for your suggestion to carry any weight.

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