And is our money in the best investment vehicles? Yes… and no. Before evaluating our funds, I hadn't realized how varied fund performance is. We have some that make other funds look good (I hope you have some of those!).

Now I need to do more research to find better-performing funds. In addition, we don't have any  index funds, so I want to allocate some of our cash to those.


Before researching this article, I would have told you that this stuff was too hard for a non-financial person to understand. And honestly, it wasn't easy reading. (They use too many undefined terms and acronyms, for one thing!) But I was surprised by how much I learned, just by reading through reports and statements and Googling terms when I had to. Several of the websites had excellent investor resources that were written in simpler terms.

After spending several hours on this information, I feel that I have made some progress in my  investing education. I highly recommend this exercise to any investors who are afraid to tackle stuff like this.

Do you have any tips on how to analyze your investments?