Microsoft is also letting Google shoot itself in the foot. Google Glass has always struck me as "inside baseball," a way for co-founder Larry Page to help his partner, Sergey Brin, self-destruct so he can rule the Googleplex alone. Brin's controlling impulses are now coming out in the Glass roll-out, as The Register puts it with more than a hint of snark, "Google Glass will self-destruct if flogged on eBay."

Google Glass actually looks bad enough to make people forget Windows 8.

As Microsoft prepared to announce earnings this week, there were growing calls for Ballmer to resign, as reported by the BBC . Problem is, to be replaced by whom? Microsoft has no successor in place, and as I noted yesterday in writing about Intel, there are no obvious alternative visions for the company coming from outside.

The Microsoft plan for now is to focus on the cloud, on an appearance of flexibility, on attacking Google, while rolling out a new version of Windows later this year that will "fix" the problems of Windows 8, much as Windows 7 "fixed" Windows Vista in the middle of the last decade.

Win or lose this quarter, is there a better strategy out there?

At the time of publication, the author was long Google.

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