Many aspects mirror a traditional football video game. Wednesday's demonstration pitted the Chicago Bears against the Greenbay Packers. There's a flip of a virtual coin to kick or receive, and each team selected its plays. After that, the game peppered the students with questions to test their knowledge of personal finances, opening by asking for the definition of "capital" as used in relationship to credit. Right answers gained the players yardage and, eventually points.

Members of the morning panels, including some of the most prominent economists in the world, sat in as lifelines for the students if they got stuck. Ultimately, and unfortunately in this sports town, the student-led Bears lost to Green Bay, although this reporter thought they were robbed.

"Excessive debt can sometimes cause someone to," the team was prompted, losing a chance to score by answering "flee the country." Maybe the right answer was "declare bankruptcy," but that doesn't mean this reporter hasn't seen the former as well.

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