SGI's Cassio Conceicao Keynotes United States Embassy Moscow Innovation Event

FREMONT, Calif., April 16, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Who: Cassio Conceicao, executive vice president and chief operating officer of SGI (Nasdaq:SGI), a trusted leader in technical computing

Where: The United States Embassy Moscow's Spaso House Innovation Series

What: Cassio Conceicao, a 25 year Silicon Valley veteran, recently led a discussion on global innovation and entrepreneurial communities at the Spaso House Innovation Series. Conceicao discussed the importance of SGI's passionate engineering team and creative work with long-standing customers as the main components that support the company's culture of innovation. SGI is at the forefront of solving Big Data challenges helping customers efficiently and effectively manage and analyze massive amounts of data to arrive at real-time conclusions and decisions. Whether the challenge at hand is deciphering the universe, locating oil and gas reserves, decoding the human genome, making the world a safer place, predicting storms or earthquakes, storing and moving data, making rapid business decisions, or providing HPC for rent on the cloud, SGI'S goal is to help expand the number of scientists and enterprises engaged in these challenges by developing innovative technologies to tackle them.

Conceicao also discussed emerging technology markets and the importance of strong networks and ecosystems to foster sustainable innovation. He stimulated conversation regarding the role that innovation plays in solving prevailing, valuable global problems, and supported this conversation with examples of current developments in the technology industry.

Why: Created by the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul, and the Skolkovo Foundation, the Spaso House Innovation Series brings together opinion makers, entrepreneurs, government officials and representatives from think tanks and universities to discuss global trends and hot topics in innovation. The series serves as a venue to share ideas, create global partnerships and discuss how to increase the competitiveness of innovative communities.

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