Don't Toss Those Stadium Giveaways

NEW YORK ( TheStreet -- People love to hate on stadium giveaways. What is the appeal of a reusable bag from the NY Jets with "The Alliance for Lupus Research" plastered all over it? Or how about a toiletry bag from the Chicago Cubs?

The New York Knicks recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of their NBA championship and the giveaway that night was a replica champ ring. No offense, but what does a person do with that?

Well, it turns out you can sell it. There is an active market for stadium giveaways on eBay ( ebay), with more than 600 items listed for sale.

Suddenly the price of a ticket comes down if you can net it out by selling your trinket. Not surprisingly the most expensive giveaways are from the Yankees. Bobbleheads are big winners, as are lunchboxes and stadium replicas. The top prices for items come in at $100, while some go for as low as 99 cents.

The most expensive item is a "Buy It Now" Mark McGwire foam bandaid from 1998, when the slugger hit a record 70 homeruns. Currently, there aren't any bids on this item. I'll just take a swing at this and suggest maybe it's because McGwire was disgraced for using steroids. Labeled as very rare, perhaps because many people threw theirs away, it will cost a whopping $15 to ship this piece of "rare" foam.

There's a "Hello Kitty" Dodgers plush doll for $104.95. This was a giveaway from 2011. Only 2,000 were given away and this one is still in the bag. Shocking that there isn't a bidding war for this priceless item.

Also on the market are a slew of Yankees stars statues from 2004 and 2005 of greats like Babe Ruth, Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto. Each is sold with a ticket stub, apparently for authentication purposes. However, there are no bids for any of these items either.

The most active items attract roughly five to 10 bids. Hockey player Nicklas Backstrom of the Washington Capitals had 11 bids for the Gnome doll giveaway from February 2013. It went for $52.51.

There's a New York Knicks Clyde Frazier bobblehead doll going for $38 that has 18 bids on it. A source at Madison Square Garden ( MSG)said they normally have lots of the giveaways left over, but not the Frazier bobblehead. There weren't any left lying around the office. However, that night was Frazier's birthday and he was wearing the same cowprint suit featured on the bobblehead. That is pretty cool.

So, if those are the hottest in the secondary market for stadium giveaways, what is the cheapest? Well, here's what you can get for 99 cents. How about some NY Jets trading cards? No bids yet! Sorry, Sanchez. There's also a San Diego Padres rally towel and a Cinncinati Reds rubber bracelet. Also for 99 cents -- an Andy Pettitte set of nesting dolls from his Astros days and a Cubs drawstring backpack with Invesco written on it. A Baltimore Raven Verizon Stadium scarf went for 99 cents, but it cost three dollars to ship.

That Lupus bag from the Jets? Also, 99 cents.

Surprisingly, it looks like that Knicks replica ring can go for $15 or more on Ebay. So while a ticket costs $125 -- and you probably spent $20 on beer -- you can sell the ring and cover the alcohol bill. Almost. Unfortunately any savings will probably be spent bidding on that Clyde Frazier doll.

Then again, April 18th is flower seed packet night at Yankees Stadium.

--Written by Debra Borchardt in New York.

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