Our weakling governments first allowed the crime syndicate banks to perpetrate the largest white-collar crime wave in history, and now tell us there is "nothing they can do" to punish the criminals. But it's not their fault.

Our governments are rapidly bankrupting all of our nations with the worst revenue crisis in history. Yet, with more than 90% of all wealth in the hands of 5% of the population, that 5% is being taxed at the lowest rates in history. But don't blame the traitor politicians -- it's not their fault. It's the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a politician! On the rare occasions when something goes right the politicians soak up all the credit. But anytime and everytime something goes wrong, it's not their fault -- it's just the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a banker! Collude with your buddies to rig the $500+ trillion Libor debt market -- and get caught. Launder trillions of dollars in drug money day after day, week after week, year after year -- and get caught. But nobody goes to jail.

No matter what you do, the Top Cop for the Leader of the Free World has already publicly declared you will never be punished. This isn't "crime" -- it's the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a talking head in the mainstream media! In 2008, when the unprecedented U.S. housing bubble blew up, and the West's Ponzi-scheme financial markets imploded, the talking heads unanimously proclaimed their complete "surprise."

Today, with all of these same financial Ponzi schemes larger, even more unstable and now institutionalized this, too, is now all part of the New Normal -- according to the same talking heads. How can any scenario instantly go from being a "total surprise" to a permanent norm?

Put another way, how can any individuals (or media outlets) claim something to be a total surprise yesterday but a permanent norm today -- and still retain any credibility? It's all possible in the New Normal.

Undoubtedly there will be apologists out there, individuals and institutions that like the New Normal and attempt to argue it is not merely a mantra of failure to conceal the incompetence/corruption of the politicians, the crime of the bankers and the rampant stupidity within the corporate media.