VANCOUVER, Canada (Bullions Bull Canada) -- In our Orwellian, 21st century world, euphemisms abound. Some are merely inane. Some are slippery and deceptive. Some are plainly malicious.

The abominable euphemism "the New Normal" satisfies all of those descriptions.

This time it's different. Utter that expression in a sarcastic tone in any corporate boardroom and one will likely elicit a chorus of sympathetic laughter. State it seriously and one will be the subject of scorn and derision.

What is the inevitable response of seasoned executives when some boardroom novice attempts to peddle the line "This time it's different"? The more things change, the more they remain the same. Context changes. Principles are immutable.

Yet, what is the literal translation of the New Normal? This time it's different. The euphemism constructed by the corporate media and parroted by every politician, banker and media talking head as the Ultimate Wisdom of the 21st century is, in fact, a tired and pathetic cliche discarded by the same corporate world decades ago. It can't get any more inane than that.

Obviously, when the corporate media takes an old and ridiculed cliche, re-packages it and peddles it as Ultimate Wisdom the question must be asked: What is the agenda here?

Fortunately, the media are transparent. We can determine the agenda behind this media lie simply by examining the various contexts in which it is used.

Massive, permanent unemployment? It's the New Normal. Endless crime and corruption perpetrated by our largest financial institutions? It's the New Normal. Gigantic-and-growing government debts? It's the New Normal.

In the 1980s when Canada's debt-to-GDP ratio soared above 70%, it was deemed to be having a "debt crisis." Today, with Canada's debt-to-GDP ratio over 80% it's the poster child for "fiscal prudence" in the West. How can this be? It's the New Normal, silly!

The New Normal is a mantra of failure. Our governments first created massive unemployment and then have done nothing about it since. But it's not their fault.

Our weakling governments first allowed the crime syndicate banks to perpetrate the largest white-collar crime wave in history, and now tell us there is "nothing they can do" to punish the criminals. But it's not their fault.

Our governments are rapidly bankrupting all of our nations with the worst revenue crisis in history. Yet, with more than 90% of all wealth in the hands of 5% of the population, that 5% is being taxed at the lowest rates in history. But don't blame the traitor politicians -- it's not their fault. It's the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a politician! On the rare occasions when something goes right the politicians soak up all the credit. But anytime and everytime something goes wrong, it's not their fault -- it's just the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a banker! Collude with your buddies to rig the $500+ trillion Libor debt market -- and get caught. Launder trillions of dollars in drug money day after day, week after week, year after year -- and get caught. But nobody goes to jail.

No matter what you do, the Top Cop for the Leader of the Free World has already publicly declared you will never be punished. This isn't "crime" -- it's the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a talking head in the mainstream media! In 2008, when the unprecedented U.S. housing bubble blew up, and the West's Ponzi-scheme financial markets imploded, the talking heads unanimously proclaimed their complete "surprise."

Today, with all of these same financial Ponzi schemes larger, even more unstable and now institutionalized this, too, is now all part of the New Normal -- according to the same talking heads. How can any scenario instantly go from being a "total surprise" to a permanent norm?

Put another way, how can any individuals (or media outlets) claim something to be a total surprise yesterday but a permanent norm today -- and still retain any credibility? It's all possible in the New Normal.

Undoubtedly there will be apologists out there, individuals and institutions that like the New Normal and attempt to argue it is not merely a mantra of failure to conceal the incompetence/corruption of the politicians, the crime of the bankers and the rampant stupidity within the corporate media.

To such individuals I offer a simple challenge: Provide one example where things have gotten better for the ordinary person in the New Normal.

I submit that there are no such examples. Collectively, the "message" (and agenda) of the New Normal is as remorseless as it is deceptive: It's "normal" for our lives to get worse and worse and worse. So don't vote for a different government, or change banks or look for your "news" elsewhere, or march in the streets -- and certainly don't expect (or even hope) that your life will ever improve. Just accept it.

Were there such a thing as truth in advertising, the New Normal would undoubtedly be framed in far less vacuous, euphemistic terms.

"Sit back and take it."

"Grin and bear it."

"Shut up and don't complain!"

That is what the New Normal represents. So when any authority figure mouths those three, abominable words, what he or she is really saying to you is this: Your life is going to get worse and worse. This is exactly how the world should be. You deserve this.

There cannot be a more malicious agenda than that. Blame the victim.

It is the bankers and politicians who jointly created most if not all of the problems and crimes the New Normal seeks to totally excuse. It is the corporate media that, at best, slept through all these crimes/mistakes/failures. Yet, now these Three Amigos seek to foist responsibility for those failures onto us.

They make the mistakes. We suffer the consequences.

That's not the way the world is supposed to work. When governments perpetrate colossal failures they are removed from power. When bankers commit crimes they go to jail. When a "news" source is woefully inept/inaccurate, you change channels.

The New Normal does not exist. It is a fabrication of the propaganda machine, designed as a control mechanism to keep the sheep sedated and the same cast of criminals in power.

Put another way, it is a test, one that poses a very simple question to all Western inhabitants:

Are you a citizen or a serf?

Serfs meekly submit to corrupt authority. Citizens remove such entities.

This article was written by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.

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