Tiger Woods Gets Raw Deal From Haters

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- It's quite fascinating what's happening on Twitter the last couple of days.

There's tons of Tiger Woods hate as he makes a serious go of it at The Masters. And there are just as many folks coming to his defense.

But it's not just Twitter. I was in an airport bar Friday night. At JFK. Brits debated the merits and morality of Tiger over light beer (Why come from London and order Bud Light?). Some dude from San Jose started going on about Tiger as a role model. On the streets and on the blogs, we're still questioning whether Nike ( NKE) made the right move sticking with Woods.

Funny how we don't debate Oracle's ( ORCL) decision to give Marc Hurd a job. And there's nary a public peep from folks at Best Buy ( BBY) as the company welcomes Richard Schulze back into the fold as some flavor of symbolic board member. And then, of course, there's the ongoing scrutiny of everything Yahoo! ( YHOO) CEO Marissa Mayer does.

But I digress from what end up pointless and ignored thoughts over double standards and inconsistencies vis-a-vis women's issues in our society.

I want Tiger Woods to win. I like Tiger Woods. Always have. Most likely always will. When (If) he wins, as much as I want him to be as classy as he has ever been, it would be nice to see him combine "the arm" and "the middle finger" right in the camera's "face" after closing the deal on the 18th hole.

Sure, he's apparently a bit of a pervert in the bedroom. He cheated on his wife. He's dating Lindsey Vonn. And, without doubt, like the rest of us, he has plenty of other flaws (not that dating Vonn is a flaw!). For better or worse, when you're in the public eye to the extent Woods is, the intensity, coverage and water cooler debate over the outcomes these flaws help prompt rages beyond any reasonable shelf life and tenor.

There's no context. No look at the man's history. No benefit of the doubt.

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