The Slacker

Any recent grad can wake up in their parent's basement and decide to become a career coach. With no barriers to entry, no start-up costs, no licensing and no widely recognized certification, career coaching is The Slacker's dream job. Inspired by the success of millennial coaches such as those detailed in The New York Times, The Slacker needs only to throw up a blog, schedule some Skype calls, and let his frat house-acquired personal charm and people skills work their magic. It beats selling Amway.

Hire: On the bright side, The Slacker is inexpensive, and his youthful enthusiasm can be appealing. So if you always wanted to have one of the "cool kids" pay attention to you and encourage you on the cheap, then The Slacker is the coach for you.

Fire: Having not actually had a career, the 20-something Slacker may, well, you know . . .

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