Jobs's philosophy was to have the discipline to think through what people want by reflecting on ourselves. There's no need for focus groups. These are time wasters when all this knowledge is within each and everyone of us. Ideas go through a process of thoughtful reduction, shed features until a minimally viable product emerges.

The key is to be nimble, look for customer feedback and validation, if it's missing, you pivot, and have the courage to throw the shit stuff out, and start again, get it right.

Apple undoubtedly has a phablet, a five-inch iPhone in the works. They most certainly have a number of variations, with individual devices and across product lines. There's one thing for certain; we'll see a precursor and an evolutionary product that will carve out a space, backfilled with an integrated product line. It will be what people want, and Samsung will try to copy it.

-- Written by Ernie Varitimos, author of the Apple Investor blog.

This article was written by an independent contributor, separate from TheStreet's regular news coverage.
Ernie Varitimos has a long history with Apple as an investor, trader and consumer of its technology. He started his career as a rocket scientist and has spent the past 25 years driving, controlling and influencing technology in the financial industry. Ernie is a former hedge fund manager and current futures trader.

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