MediSwipe Inc. Announces Successful First Installations Of MediSwipe DMS - Digital Patient Management And Tracking Software For Dispensaries, Provisional Centers And Caregivers

LOS ANGELES, April 10, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MediSwipe Inc. ( ) (OTCBB:MWIP), a patient security solutions and financial products company for the medicinal marijuana and health care industry, today announced that the Company's proprietary digital patient management and tracking software application developed for the medicinal marijuana sector "The MediSwipe DMS", has been successfully installed in the first of several locations, with over three thousand patients already being migrated to the new application  The MediSwipe DMS application will include patient registration, digital records scanning, management and tracking of all caregiver transactions,  log-in time, date stamp and  dosage quantity as well as tracking of medication from "seed to sale" with testing results of all medications within the file for quality control. Users of the application will pay monthly licensing fees for access to the program, with patients paying $1.50 per month or $19.99 a year to maintain their own digital health record so that they may move their medical record to any caregiver or doctor on their own within minutes as now required under the new law.

"The MediSwipe DMS application will without a doubt, change the way this industry does business from this day forward in my opinion. No other system will create a single database between certification centers, doctors, testing labs and dispensaries or provisional centers, while at the same time, giving patients all the information they need to know about the quality of medicine and access to their own records. The purpose of MediSwipe opening our own certification centers now branded "The Certification Stations", was to control the process from the very beginning... create and provide the patient record from the medical professional, ensure that those patients receive properly tested medicine, and have a supply of medicine that can be tracked in transactions from licensed centers approved by the state. That is what our system does, including full POS and inventory control which we will unveil in the coming weeks as we release our MediSwipe Patient applications," stated B. Michael Friedman, CEO for MediSwipe.

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