5 Custom Trips You'll Never Stop Talking About

SAN DIEGO ( TheStreet) -- Almost anyone can book an upscale package vacation and call it a luxury trip, but when was the last time you flew around the world on a private jet, visiting 10 destinations that included spending a night camping with mahouts and learning how to care for elephants? Or woke at 5 a.m. to go shopping at Japan's largest fish market with one of the country's top sushi chefs, then learned how to turn your shopping into sushi?

"We have a concierge who can make anything happen," says Carrie Cameron, account director for worldwide sales at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.

Cameron is referring to the custom possibilities that can be part of the Four Seasons "Around the World" trip -- a 23-day vacation the luxury hotel chain began offering in September.

The trip's standard itinerary includes flying around the world on a private jet (with chef) and such things as swimming with manta rays in Bora Bora, elephant trekking in Chiang Mai, cooking classes in Bali and a harbor bridge climb in Sydney. If those aren't quite unique or adventurous enough, guests are invited to customize their experience -- and that's where the camping with mahouts and other, just as unique experiences begin.

Cameron says the trip attracts people who "want authentic experiences that their friends aren't necessarily having. Something they can talk about."

The Four Seasons is not alone in working to offer well-heeled clients over-the-top experiences.

Brian Tan, CEO of Zicasso, says customization is the name of the game. His company focuses a great deal of energy on making the right connections on the ground to be able to make almost any request possible.

"It's about knowing the right people who know the right people," Tan says.

Here's a look at some of the unique luxury vacation experiences that caught our eye:

Paris haute couture

Millions have been to the Eiffel Tower. Not everyone gets behind-the-scenes access to Paris design houses. Zicasso's Haute Couture tour makes it happen.

Developed for serious fashionistas, the tour is guided by a fashion expert and personal shopper who opens the doors of such legendary Paris fashion houses as Christian Dior and Chanel. If hot young designers are your thing, the tour will take that route and visit the workshop of Valentine Gauthier and the atelier of Korean designer Moon Young Hee.

"We had a family with two teenage daughters and their interest was fashion and food, so we designed a tour that included all these different fashion houses and a private fashion museum with a collection of French women's dresses," Tan says. "And then they did a lot of top Michelin restaurants, where they got to go behind the scenes and meet the chef."

The cost for such a unique experience? Approximately $1,000 per person, per day, for a 10-day trip.

Camping with elephants and mahouts in Thailand

Live with elephants and learn how to care for them by working side by side with mahouts.

"This includes everything from bathing and feeding the elephant to learning commands," Cameron says. "You will be with them all day, trek with them through the jungle. It's a very spiritual experience. People say it is a life-changing experience. You're very in tune with the elephants."

Camping with elephants is an optional part on the Four Seasons "Around the World" trip, which begins at $87,900 -- camping with elephants cost extra. And only 15 spots are available.

Fish shopping and sushi lessons from a premier chef

So you love sushi? Always wanted to learn how to make it? But not at some ordinary cooking school. In Japan. With a top sushi chef. No problem.

Your day will begin at Tsukiji Market -- the biggest fish and seafood market in the world. It can be daunting to visit on your own, especially if you don't speak Japanese. But on this trip you'll be accompanied by a chef from one of the best sushi restaurants in Tokyo who will walk you through the market and explain how he selects fish. After the fish is packaged and bought comes a private sushi-making lesson.

This experience can be had as part of Zicasso's Fire and Ice Japan trip, which costs an average of $700 to $750 per day, per person.

Nature photography in Hawaii with a professional photographer

For those who've dreamed of shooting for National Geographic, here's a chance to get your portfolio ready by joining a professional nature photographer for an educational four-hour hike in Hawaii. The photographer will help you broaden your technical skills and sharpen your personal vision as you explore volcanic spatter cones and other unique landscapes -- another potential custom option, for an added cost, on the Around the World trip with the Four Seasons.

Learn about Japanese gardening with a master

If the elegance and simplicity of Japanese gardening has always fascinated you, here's your chance to stroll through some of Japan's finest gardens with an expert who will teach you about their history and aesthetics. Your lessons will include a diversity of garden genres unique to Japan -- from tea ceremony gardens to temple gardens. More importantly, you won't just be visiting famous sites trod by dozens of tourists; this custom option on Zicasso's Fire and Ice tour includes hidden gardens tied to Japan's Zen practice.

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