Hugh Hefner: FORGOTTEN

Hugh Hefner missed his chance at immortality. He should have died young and left a glamorous corpse at the height of his sexual and professional prowess. He should have been riding with James Dean in his Porsche or flying with Buddy Holly in his plane; he should have been shot by a jealous lover at Woodstock.

Instead, he's just become a dirty old man whose time has passed him by. Ditto the iconic magazine.

Enormous opportunities were missed while Hef shagged away the years in the Playboy Mansion hot tubs. He could have, and should have, become a virtual cheesecake zillionaire at the dawn of the Internet era. Millions of red-blooded males would have crashed servers as they flooded his proprietary brand of sanitized, mass-market porn. Instead, dedicated Playboy fans decamped to amateur, low-class sites that riddled our PCs with viruses and abused our credit card payments.

Which hot starlet has recently posed for Playboy? Which politician has given a high-profile interview to establish his common-man credentials? Is Playboy even published today? More importantly, does anyone even care?

The quaint, Cold War ethos of the 1950s are long forgotten. The same fate will soon befall the macho master of the bunny hutch.

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