Bernie Madoff: FOREVER

Speaking of Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff's name is likewise destined to become an eponym. Soon-to-be-coined idioms like "pulling a 'Madoff'" or "don't 'Madoff' me" will pack a punch for future listeners.

The high-profile circumstances of Madoff's misdeeds will likewise ensure that his name lives on. He was already well-known when his wrongs were revealed. The fact that Madoff swindled bold-faced name investors like Zsz Zsa Gabor, Steven Spielberg and Elliot Spitzer in the heart of a world financial capital will also keep his name in play. Plus Federal Bureau of Prisons inmate #61727-054 is alive, healthy and remains eager to muddy the waters.

Incredibly, as reported in a recent Fox News broadcast, banks and regulators are complicit in his crimes. This action, of course, will only incense these powerful institutions to redouble their efforts to finger Madoff as the guilty "lone gunman."

Finally, the dramatic suicide of one of Madoff's sons, his own ongoing status as poster boy for "affinity fraud," endless years of litigation and an upcoming movie starring Robert DiNiro will all ensure that his name evokes strong emotions for decades to come.

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