Bill DeShurko, who manages Covestor's Dividend and Income Plus portfolio, was recently a guest on Jay Cruz's News at 7 finance show.

In the discussion, embedded for you to listen to below, Bill comments on the market's big Q1 uptrend, the low impact of the current news cycle on market direction, and how he's currently investing:

The market's at a new high, so everyone wants to know if it's too late to invest or add to positions  My answer: We're fully invested, but have one foot very, very near the door. If you start seeing the market respond badly to negative news, then start acting conservatively.

You can read more of Bill's outstanding commentary here.

Bill DeShurko

Bill DeShurko

Bill Deshurko founded 401 Advisor in 2003 after becoming frustrated by losses incurred through a typical "buy and hold" approach.