Kratos' RT Logic Launches Two New Products For Satellite Control Centers

Next-Generation Solutions Support IP-based Satellite Ground Systems with a More Economical "Software-Only" Model

RT Logic's Solutions Are Used in Over 80% of U.S. Space Missions

SAN DIEGO, April 4, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq:KTOS), a leading National Security Solutions provider, announced that its RT Logic subsidiary has launched two innovative new products for building cost-effective satellite control centers: the Software Front End Processor (FEP) and the Software Gateway. Both are based upon a more economical "software only" architecture that replaces the hardware/software appliances used in the industry today.

RT Logic's Software FEP and Software Gateway products consolidate a large number of strings of capability into minimal physical space, reducing equipment power and cooling requirements, and lowering costs and complexity for customers building satellite control centers. Both products can run either on a customer's own servers or blade-server systems, or on servers provided by RT Logic.

In a satellite ground network control center, RT Logic's Software FEP connects the Command & Control system to an encryption/decryption (COMSEC) device, and the Software Gateway connects the COMSEC to a wide area network (WAN). The FEP and the Gateway work together to transmit commands to, and receive telemetry from, a remote ground station communicating with a satellite.

Legacy control center architectures from the days before wide use of Internet Protocol (IP) required semi-custom hardware system solutions tailored to the custom serial interfaces of a particular COMSEC device. This resulted in ground segments dominated by physical racks of equipment. Newer COMSEC devices, such as the Air Forces' KS-252 End Cryptographic Unit (ECU), support ubiquitous, standard Ethernet electrical interfaces and IP protocols. RT Logic's Software FEP and Software Gateway products support the KS-252 and similar ground operating equipment, helping to reduce the cost, size and complexity of satellite control centers.

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