6. 2013 Ford (F) C-Max Energi
MSRP: $32,950
Miles per gallon: First 21 miles: 100 mpge combined, Next 600 miles: 43 mpg combined

Maybe C-Max sounds a little too similar to a certain Pepsi soda, but what was Ford supposed to do, call it the Ford Prius?

Hey, we're just calling it as we see it, and what we see is a car that looks a whole lot like the Prius priced similarly to the competing Prius doing some very Prius-type things. Its plug-in range is a full 10 miles better than the competing Prius and it has that Ford label on it that scores a few more points with the "Made In The U.S.A." crowd (yep, it's assembled in Wayne, Mich.).

It also gets all those sweet Prius benefits such as state and federal refunds and solo carpool lane access. Just look past the name and you'll see a huge win for Ford and for U.S. competition in the plug-in/hybrid race.

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