10. 2013 Toyota (TM) Prius Plug-In
MSRP: $32,000
Miles per gallon: First 11 miles: 95 mpge combined. Next 529 miles: 50 mpg combined

This is how far fuel economy has come: A Prius is at the bottom of this list.

Unfortunately for Prius owners, the Plug-In earned this spot by having one of the wimpiest electric ranges in the industry. Seriously, a three-hour charge to go a scant 11 miles without using gas? Where are you commuting to, the end of the driveway?

Fortunately, the Prius makes up for its somewhat gimmicky electric mileage with the 50 mpg hybrid mileage owners have come to know and love. It also gets owners some sweet state and federal rebates for their trouble, as well as an occasional comfy solo ride in the carpool lane.

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