2. 2013 Honda (HMC) Fit EV
MSRP: $389 a month (lease)
Miles per gallon: 132 city, 105 highway, 118 combined.
Electric charge range: 83 miles

The great news is that Honda's Fit subcompact hatchback gets the EV treatment and gives drivers 83 miles per charge and room for five passengers. That's better than every EV save the Tesla, but there's one catch.

Only a few Americans can get it.

Honda's going with a pilot program that only makes the vehicle available for lease in select cities, likely those in the coastal U.S. with access to charging equipment beyond peoples' homes. The Fit's standard keyless entry, cruise control, modular seating, under-seat storage, 57.3 cubic feet of cargo room and 10 cupholders should be as appealing as they've always been, but the EV version will likely inspire some envy among drivers who aren't lucky enough to get a lease and are left waiting for the inevitable broader launch.

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