Top-five Films in Terms of Revenue Contribution

Film Title   Release Date
1.  Flying Swords of Dragon Gate   December 15, 2011
2.  The Great Magician   January 12, 2012
3.  A Simple Life   March 8, 2012
4.  The Last Tycoon   December 21, 2012
5.  The Lion Roars 2   August 17, 2012

The top-five films in 2012 contributed US$53.2 million, or 37.4% of full-year 2012 revenues, whereas the top-five films in 2011 accounted for 54.1% of revenues.

Gross Profit and Gross Margin
  FY12 FY11 Y-o-Y%
Gross Profit (US$mm) 56.2 59.7 (5.9)%
Gross Margin 39.5% 47.3% --

For the full year 2012, gross profit decreased to US$56.2 million compared with US$59.7 million for the full year of 2011. The decrease was primarily attributable to the lower-than-expected box office of The Last Tycoon.

Segment Profit and Segment Margin
  Distribution Investment & Production Movie Theater Talent Agency Consolidated
Segment Profit (US$mm) 25.1 6.4 23.6 0.6 55.7
As % of Total Segment Profit 45.1% 11.5% 42.4% 1.1% 100%
Segment Margin 39.2% 8.7% 56.6% 96.1% 39.2%

Segment margin for the distribution segment increased to 39.2% for the full year 2012 from 38.9% for 2011, primarily as a result of larger reimbursements for print and advertising expenses as a percentage of film distribution revenue.

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