Toronto Blue Jays vs. Atlanta Braves

No, it's not like playing the Expos, but at least Major League Baseball deserves credit for trying here.

Ask baseball fans about great Toronto Blue Jays moments and the first that comes to mind is Joe Carter's World Series-winning home run off of Phillies reliever Mitch Williams in 1993. Somewhat more forgotten are Ed Sprague and Candy Maldonado's late-game heroics during their first World Series win against the Braves a year before.

Toronto has a lot of memories attached to either matchup, but on history alone the better solution belongs to the Braves. Before their long journey to Atlanta by way of Milwaukee, the Braves got their start in Boston as one of the National League's charter franchises. Making them "natural rivals" with the Red Sox would not only bring up some of that history, but would reunite two franchises that called Fenway Park home. Granted, they haven't played any meaningful baseball against each other in a while, but fading memories of 1992 also only go so far.

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