Houston Astros vs. Colorado Rockies

These teams weren't even divisional "rivals" before Houston made the jump to the AL, but that hasn't stopped MLB from trying to force this awkward relationship. It may be baseball's way of telling Houston it should take what it can get.

Houston -- and we're being kind here -- has stunk on turf for the better part of seven years. The team hasn't made the playoffs since being swept out of the World Series by the White Sox in 2005, was left to wither on the vine and be sold off for parts by its former owners and watched total attendance drop from more than 3 million in 2007 to just 1.6 million last year. Average attendance, meanwhile, was chopped from more than 37,000 to less than 20,000 per game.

One would think that a franchise that has never won a World Series and once had to play in Enron Field would know something about indignities. Being stuck next to some National League team it's never played an inning of playoff baseball against and being told they're a rival is about as disappointing as a routine pop fly turning into a home run in the thin Denver air.

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