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LOS ANGELES â¿¿ It's a time of transition for the video game industry. With last year's launch of the Wii U, the impending arrival of the PlayStation 4 and the likelihood of a new Xbox on the horizon, the next generation of video game consoles is nearly here. However, more than half of the attendees at this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco identify themselves as indie developers and their next creations will be for smartphones and tablets. So when it comes to the next generation of consoles, the question on their minds doesn't seem to be "What's next?" but rather "Who cares?" By Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang.

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President Barack Obama showed in his first term that he doesn't need Congress to take action against climate change, but he could need Congress to take actions on the scale needed to have a significant effect curbing greenhouse gases. And that seems unlikely as Obama seeks to make good on one of his major campaign promises and biggest second term challenges. The effects of rising global temperatures are widespread and costly: more severe storms, rising seas, species extinctions, and changes in weather patterns that will alter food production and the spread of disease. By Dina Cappiello.

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STARA ZAGORA, Bulgaria â¿¿ Donka Hristova lets her mother pull her skintight mini-dress a half-inch down her leg. Checking her makeup one last time, she joins her two younger sisters in a provocative dance atop a car trunk. The Gypsy girl knows she has to look her best. She is, after all, on an important life mission: catching the eye of one of the hundreds of young Gypsy guys prowling around what locals have dubbed the "bridal market" to initiate a complex ritual of haggling that could lead to marriage. By Gregory Katz.

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