Then there's Five Below. This $5-and-under retailer is growing by leaps and bounds, and it will be able to add 10 times as many stores as it has right now without a problem. The quarter just reported was a thing of beauty, but the company offered light guidance, in part because of the cold weather, in part because of a distribution center problem and in part because it seemed like the company was more cautious about the future. To me, this is a regional to national retail story, a terrific concept with amazing management and a growth path that could stretch on for years and years. You typically don't get a price break in these, and when you do, you have to pounce. That's Monday's business. Get some.

Then there's PVH. This is the toughest of the lot, because CEO Manny Chirico told us last night that he had to lower guidance and reset the whole year, not the quarter. Manny didn't hold out any near-term hope. To me that meant, be careful, you could have a Lee jeans situation. I will sit out that sale and let things shake out. No hurry. We will get a chance, as I don't believe the sellers are finished, and the stock could be in the penalty box for at least a couple of weeks, as the news was truly disappointing. We can circle back to that one.

Remember, when you go shopping, you now know to look at the web for competitive information before you buy. Same with stocks: Forewarned by the web is forearmed in the market. Know your expectations and you can make money. If you don't? Stay away from the mall. You'll just get fleeced.

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