5 Experts Tell Retirees How They Can Get Back to Work

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- So you're retired and growing bored with golf and travel? Maybe you want to get back in the game in a field you're passionate about. Or maybe you just need a paycheck to plug an income gap in retirement.

Whatever the case, you'll need a blueprint for getting in the door at companies that, fairly or unfairly, may be dubious about hiring staffers (or even freelancers) 55 years old or older.

Getting that job may be more necessary than you think. According to a study by Franklin Templeton, 73% of respondents say their retirement savings are a source of stress and anxiety, and 37% say they are more concerned today about outliving their assets or having to make major sacrifices to retirement plans than they were only a year ago.

Getting a job in retirement may not solve all financial problems, but it sure can help. Here are some experts with job-hunting tips for retirees:

Allan M. Medina, senior executive search consultant for MR Tampa North, a Tampa, Fla., management recruitment firm.

Get involved with local associations related to the industry you are passionate about -- even if it's volunteer work at first. Networking with active professionals and decision-makers within the industry of interest will improve your chances of staying at the top of their minds.

Also, reach out to and stay in touch with former colleagues and peers who are still active in the today's job market. Explain to them your goals. This will cast a larger net of potential opportunities.

Rick Bisio, a franchising consultant and author of The Educated Franchisee.

Forget about getting hired. As a senior, you are now an independent contractor. As an aging worker who comes at a high price tag, it's very difficult to get hired. Flip the script: Take advantage of your freedom and consider yourself an independent contractor.

Then forget about politics. It's just not worth it anymore. You've been working hard your entire life. Don't continue to waste your time and energy positioning for promotions and trying to win favor. Take control of your own destiny.

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