EnerNOC Extends Communication Platform; Adds Wireless Mesh Features

BOSTON, March 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EnerNOC, Inc. (Nasdaq:ENOC), a leading provider of cloud-based energy management applications and services, today announced the release of a new wireless mesh data capture and communication feature that extends the reach and performance of its EnerNOC Site Server (ESS). This new feature expands remote and on-premise market applications while improving the scalability of ESS installations.

"Our approach has always been to buy, build, or partner to drive down the costs of capturing and communicating real-time energy data from our network of over 13,700 sites. In this case, our team internally was able to build a wireless mesh feature that cut our costs for this component by over 75% compared to other commercially available products, while enhancing the overall performance and quality of the data we're collecting," said Hugh Scandrett, Vice President of Engineering. "Because of the longevity of its onboard power source, we no longer need to run conduit or connect to on-site power to deliver this feature. That's a huge cost savings."

Because communications across indoor and outdoor wireless networks can be challenging, another key benefit of the new wireless mesh feature is its ability to provide superior data quality, even in the presence of network interference. The device collects and communicates data from meters and other devices and sends it via secure wireless protocol to the EnerNOC Site Server, which is then captured by our Network Operations Center (NOC). Once the data is collected, end users can access their real-time energy data and profiling tools through EnerNOC's cloud-based energy management application suite, which includes DemandSMART™ for comprehensive demand response solutions, EfficiencySMART™ to deliver continuous energy savings, and SupplySMART™, which provides energy price and risk management services to commercial, institutional, and industrial customers.

"This new feature increases EnerNOC's flexibility and expands our market opportunities," said Tim Healy, Chairman and CEO of EnerNOC. "We're continuing to innovate and advance our data communication capabilities and software to develop the best solutions for our customers. This new feature has tremendous application in markets like agriculture, commercial buildings, and other remote sensing and control industries."

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