KYOTO, Japan, March 27, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nidec Corporation (NYSE:NJ) (the "Company") today announced that, in an effort to streamline its group companies, the Company plans to establish NIDEC AUTOMOTIVE MOTOR AMERICAS CORPORATION as the strategic base for its automotive motor business in markets in the Americas.

1. Purpose of establishment of the new company

The Company has endeavored to strengthen its automotive motor business, one of its strategically important business areas, with an increasingly expanded product line-up consisting of brushless motors (whose main applications include: electric power steering, dual clutch transmissions, and engine oil pumps), which have long been one of the Company's most competitive product categories, and brush motors (whose main applications include: engine cooling systems, anti-lock brake systems, and seat adjusters), which are one of the competitive product categories of NIDEC MOTORS & ACTUATORS (formerly, the motors and actuators business of Valeo S.A., a French company), which the Company acquired in December 2006. The Company has been making efforts to increase sales of its automotive motor products particularly to European and Chinese automobile and component manufacturers. In order to expand its automotive motor business in the North American market, one of the Company's strategically important markets, the Company aims to meet customers' requirements relating to environmental standards by streamlining the manufacturing, sales, and research and development operations under the supervision of managing personnel responsible for overseeing the Company's business operations in markets in the Americas, including the North American market, and providing a comprehensive line-up of compact and highly efficient motors.

2. Outline of the new company
(2) Address:  1800 Opdyke Court, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326, U.S.A.
  Tel: +1 248 340 9977  Fax: +1 248 340 7501
(3) Date of establishment: April 5, 2013 (Planned)
(4) Capital & capital reserve: US$41,313,320 (to be wholly owned by the Company)
(5) Officers:  Kazuya Hayafune, Director and Chairman (First Senior Vice President of Nidec Corporation)
  Jack Sayed, Director, President & CEO (Vice President of Nidec Corporation)
(6) Number of employees (April 2013): 548 employees (14 in the United States and 534 in Mexico) 
(7) Business: Development, manufacturing, and sale of automotive motors in the American market.
(8) Major products:     
-Brushless motors for electric power steering systems, dual clutch transmissions, engine cooling systems, EV/HEV battery cooling systems, EV/HEV traction systems, electric brakes, electric oil pumps, etc.    
-Brush motors for engine cooling systems, anti-lock brake systems, seat adjusters, sunroofs, trunk opening/closing systems, window opening/closing systems, steering column adjustment systems, electric torque management systems, door locking systems, window lifts, etc.    
(9) Sales contact     
Steve Saida    
VP Sales & Marketing    
Tel: +1 248 340 9977 (Office)  +1 248 340 1107 (Direct)  +1 248 977 9505 (Mobile)

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