NEW YORK (AP) â¿¿ A snapshot of major stock and commodities market indicators Monday: New York Stock Exchange

1,243 advances, 1,785 declines

Most Active: Bk of Amer 12.40 â¿¿0.16

Comp Sales: 3,111,735,895

Arca Comp Sales: 978,851,410 Nasdaq Stock Market

1,156 advances, 1,257 declines

Most Active: Research Motn 14.23 â¿¿0.68

Nasdaq Sales: 1,622,333,631 Major Indexes

DJ Industrials: 14,447.75 â¿¿64.28

S&P 500: 1,551.69 â¿¿5.20

NYSE Comp: 9,022.95 â¿¿42.85

Nasdaq Comp: 3,235.30 â¿¿9.70 CBOT Grains

Wheat: May 7.2725 â¿¿.0250

Corn: May 7.3325 +.07

Soybeans: May 14.3725 â¿¿.0325 NYMEX Metals and Energy

Gold: Mar 1604.60 â¿¿1.60

Silver: Mar 28.785 +.119

Platinum: Apr 1582.90 +1.20

Copper: Mar 3.4350 â¿¿.0190

Crude Oil: May 94.81 +1.10

Heating Oil: Apr 2.8772 â¿¿.0071

Gasoline: Apr 3.0626 +.0001

Nat Gas: Apr 3.865 â¿¿.062
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