Teucrium Announces The “Understanding The Global Demand For Corn, Wheat And Soybeans” Video

Teucrium Trading LLC, a sponsor of a suite of six single commodity ETPs that include energy and agriculture and one core agriculture commodity ETP, today announced the launch of what is expected to be the first in a series of three-minute educational videos designed to create awareness about how population growth is affecting the global supply and demand for grains and other essential commodities.

Entitled, Understanding the Global Demand for Corn, Wheat and Soybeans ,” the video, which can be viewed at www.teucrium.com, clearly demonstrates the interrelationship between population growth, supply and demand in a global context.

“Teucrium’s goal for this video was to create an increased awareness about how population growth can drive demand for these core grains and the factors that impact the planet’s ability to produce the supply necessary to meet this demand,” Brandon Riker, Director – Strategic Marketing and Analysis at Teucrium, said, in commenting on the video.

“Agricultural supplies are greatly affected by weather and the ability to find arable land for production,” Riker said. “The short 3 minute video explores some of the demand and supply factors for these agricultural crops and how the world’s production strives to keep pace.”

According to Riker, a growing global middle class which consumes, on average, more calories and energy per capita than populations had in the past, as well as a world-wide population that is increasing at over two people per second continues to put demand pressure on the core agricultural commodities – corn, soybeans, wheat and sugar.

Supply is a function of yield per acre and arable land under cultivation, he said, and although historical yield per acre for many crops including corn has increased, the change in yield is not consistent year over year or ever increasing, and does decline from time to time.

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