Affymetrix Signs Contract With UK Biobank To Genotype 500,000 UK Individuals In The Largest Ever Study Of Genetic And Environmental Factors In Disease And Personalized Medicine

Affymetrix, Inc. (NASDAQ: AFFX) today announced that it has signed a contract with UK Biobank to genotype 500,000 DNA samples donated by UK residents as part of a prospective epidemiological study of complex diseases that are of great relevance to public health. Affymetrix’ Axiom® Genotyping Solution will be used to generate billions of high-quality genotypes which will provide UK Biobank and the research community with valuable insight to genetic factors underlying human diseases for improved prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Professor Rory Collins, UK Biobank CEO and Principal Investigator said: “UK Biobank is pleased to join forces with Affymetrix for this next phase of the UK Biobank project. The two organizations will work closely together to ensure that world class data are provided quickly and securely to help scientists working on the causes of a wide range of life-threatening and disabling diseases. I urge health scientists everywhere to think carefully about how this resource could be used to help their research, and to register with UK Biobank. I am also very grateful to the half a million participants whose generosity and vision for the future has allowed this resource to grow.”

“We are honored to partner with UK Biobank on this mission critical research initiative,” said Dr. Frank Witney, President and CEO of Affymetrix. “Earlier this year, we outlined our strategy to broaden our reach into the translational medicine, molecular diagnostics, and applied markets as part of our long-term transformation plan. This partnership reflects our efforts to strengthen our position in the growing translational medicine market and our commitment to work with visionary organizations such as the UK Biobank to produce the next generation of biological information that will improve healthcare.”

“Large scale genotyping studies such as the one undertaken by UK Biobank demand a flexible and scalable genomics analysis technology that produces a large amount of high quality data quickly, consistently, and cost-effectively. The unmatched flexibility, array reproducibility, and advanced design capabilities were key factors in UK Biobank adopting the Axiom Genotyping Solution. These platform capabilities have become increasingly important for genotyping studies in both the human and agbio markets as requirements shift away from very high-density, standardized designs toward customized high-fidelity arrays. We are very proud that our Axiom Genotyping Solution has been chosen for this incredibly important project,” said Dr. Andy Last, EVP and General Manager of Genetic and Clinical Applications at Affymetrix.

Affymetrix expects to begin delivering data for the study towards the end of 2013. Affymetrix does not expect revenue from this contract to have a material impact in 2013, as it will start to recognize revenue in the latter part of this year, with the majority of the revenue expected to be recognized in 2014.

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