The second way would be with the company's newly announced 4% dividend yield, which shows just how confident management is in their business. Then there's the business itself, which includes everything from app development to cloud computing services. Compuware is in the process of shedding non-core operations and focusing on its higher-growth services. A full 40% of the company's revenue currently stem from these much sought-after services.

Cramer said Compuware also has a clean balance sheet with just $7 million in debt and tons of free cash flow, helping to make it a likely target for private equity firms.

So whether investors are looking for a high growth tech stock or a takeover or private equity play or even just a high yielding dividend stock, Compuware is happy to deliver.

Refining His Opinion

For the last installment of his "Oligopoly" series of stock picks, Cramer looked into the refining industry, a group that on the surface may not seem like an oligopoly with so many players but in reality most certainly is.

Cramer explained that it's almost impossible to build a new refinery here in the U.S., and that severely limits competition. With the ever-present demand for gasoline and other refined products, there's never any price competition in this group, making it a happy oligopoly.

With the huge explosion in new-found oil in the U.S., the refiners have been raking in the profits, as gasoline, for the most part, is priced on the global market. That means refiners are buying cheap, domestic oil, turning it into gasoline, then exporting it at near-record prices. This trend may be bad for U.S. consumers, but it explains why the U.S. used to import three million barrels of gasoline a day and now exports one million a day.

Of the many refiners, Cramer said those in the center of the country are the best way to play the refiners as the lack of infrastructure often means producers are willing to sell at below market prices. Of the group, HollyFrontier ( HFC) remains Cramer's favorite, along with the newly minted CVR Refining ( CVR), which sports nearly a 10% yield.

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