Bill Gunderson's Radio Play of the Day: On Assignment With Big Gains

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- I featured three stocks on my radio show on Thursday. You can click here to listen to the show if you wish. I am going to highlight one of the stocks that I recently featured.

It always amazes me how many simple, under-the-radar types of companies rise to the top in my ranking system.

Most of the time they are stocks that have not been talked about on the financial channels.

Most of the time, I have not read about them in the financial media.

Yet, these stocks quietly produce terrific performance for their shareholders year after year.

Today, we are going to travel to Calabasas, Calif.

We are going to peek in on a $1.3 billion small-cap company that provides permanent and temporary IT, healthcare and lab support staffing to 5,347 clients via 76 offices in 24 states.

I told you that it was a very simple little company.

The name of the company is On Assignment ( ASGN).

This has also been a very strong sector in the market. I also like Barrett Business Services ( BBSI) and Computer Task Group ( CTGX) in this space.

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Equities are still a good place to be. Small-cap equities are even better. When I rank all of the asset classes that I have to choose from, small-caps are still ranked number one.

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Asset classes like cash, commodities, inverse funds, etc. continue to be the worst places to be invested.

Talk about a stock that has quietly been rewarding shareholders over the years...

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As you can see, the stock has outperformed the market over the last ten years, five years, three years, one year, three months, and one month!

On Assignment even outperformed the market in 2008 when the market was down 38.5%.

These performance numbers raise the issue of momentum versus value once again.

Momentum investors generally ignore value.

Value investors generally ignore momentum.

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