Dethrone Beverages Currently Being Sold In 100 Stores In Northern California And Growing To 750 Stores By End Of April 2013

CAVE CREEK, Ariz., March 21, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:DRHC) (or "DRHC"), also known as Dethrone Beverage, announced today that as of today Dethrone Beverages are in 100 Accounts (stores) in Northern California and will be in at least 750 Accounts (Stores) by the end of April 2013 according to its main Northern California Distributor, Mussetter Distributing. As of today, both flavors of Dethrone Beverage are in a mix of stores such as: C-Stores, AM PM, Chevron Gas Stations, some 7-11's and also mom and pop liquor stores in Northern California. In addition, Nugget Markets has agreed to carry Dethrone Beverages and will order one half Pallets (50 Cases) in each of their 9 stores. As of March 18, 2013 Mussetter Distributing is currently selling Dethrone Beverage in 7.5 counties in Northern California ("NC"). Dethrone will be in 12 more NC Counties by 3/22/13. Within 3 weeks from 3/22/13 we will pick up 15 more NC Counties. By May 2013 we will be calling on major chain accounts like CVS, Safeway, & Raley's/Bel-Air.

Mike Holley, President of Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc., said: "Our distribution plan for our Dethrone Beverage products is going as planned and we have already been notified by Mussetter Distributing that product is moving well off the shelves and they are already sold out at certain accounts (Stores) that are re-ordering."

About Mussetter Distributing

With more than 34 years of experience in the beverage industry. Mussetter Distributing is now an "up and coming" Craft Beer and Specialty product distributor that covers the entire Greater Sacramento area including the Lake Tahoe area! Mussetter Distributing is located in the small town of Auburn, CA and is happily tied into the local community. Mussetter distributes a vast array of products including Craft / Micro Beer, Imported Beer, Gluten Free Beer, Value Beer, Cider, PAB's (Progressive Adult Beverages), Organic Distilled Spirits, Distilled Spirits, All Natural Mixers, Wines, Energy Drinks, New Age Beverages, Relaxation Beverages, Soft Drinks, High - Antioxidant Beverages, Water, Protein Drinks and Bars, Green Teas, Fat Burning Beverages, and Organic Agave Nectar!

About Nugget Markets

It's a family-owned business, for one, and it has been since 1926, when the Stille family started it in Woodland, California. The Stilles are still running the place today, now with nine Nugget Market locations in the greater Sacramento area. Every associate at Nugget knows that company President Eric Stille and his father, Chairman of the Board Gene Stille, are still committed to the same principles that founders Mack and William were when they started the business: high-quality products and low prices.

About Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc.

In February 2012 Dethrone Beverage, Inc. (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dethrone Royalty Holdings, Inc.) entered into a Royalty Agreement with Dethrone Royalty Inc. for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing sports nutrition and water beverages under the Dethrone Beverage brand.

Dethrone Royalty Inc. has been an important factor in the growth of the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports field, as can be seen through their various sponsorships of fighters and events. The Dethrone Royalty brand was formed in 2009 and is based on the traditions of ancient kings; each of us is born and raised with the potential to rule our environment. The Royal Family includes top MMA athletes, world champion boxers and everyday kings. One family, following two rules: defeat thy rivals and demand their respect.

Nick Swinmurn is behind the success of Dethrone Royalty Inc. (licensor to DRHC). He was Founder of and is part owner of the NBA team the Golden State Warriors. Dethrone sponsors some of the best fighters in the world such as heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez, and multi-weight champions Josh Koscheck, Ben Henderson and Jose Aldo.

About Dethrone Beverage:

Dethrone(TM) was carefully formulated to support mental focus and help increase blood flow, thereby giving the body the fuel necessary to power through the day. Whether you are looking to achieve optimal performance in the ring, on the field, or in the workplace, Dethrone(TM) will help give you "that something extra."

"Increase Muscular Strength, and Power Output. Increase Oxygen to the blood and mental focus. Increase Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance and advanced recovery."

Dethrone's unique blends are designed to bridge the gap between energy drinks like Monster(TM), nutritional supplements, and hydration drinks like Gatorade(TM) -- without negative effects. We are creating a new beverage segment. We are the triple threat that gives you the energy you need, hydrates like a sports drink, and gets you ready for your next move.

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