(512) Brewing Pecan Porter
Host city: Austin, Texas

Just as the city recovers from South By Southwest, yet another contingent of out-of-town rowdies starts taking up seats at The Draught House and asking what's on tap despite the list staring them in their faces.

If you're one of these folks and have already spent much of your time in town defaulting to Shiner Bock at the moment of truth, might we suggest this off-kilter offering from a local favorite. As a company, (512) hasn't seen much need to stick with standard formulas and gives its mix of crystal, chocolate and black malts a little extra kick by adding locally grown pecans to the equation for aroma and flavor.

At 6.7% ABV, it's already a tough customer. Double down on the pecan and malt, throw it all into a whiskey barrel and let the vanilla and whiskey flavor soak in for a while and you get a special treat that should still be available during the Big Dance: Whiskey Barrel Double Pecan Porter. Kicked up to 8.2% ABV, it keeps Austin's beer weird in just about the tastiest way possible.

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