Steve Jobs: FOREVER

Talk about a slow pitch over the mound . . . everyone knows that the "Father of the Digital Revolution" will go down in history; and Steve Jobs' untimely death at the zenith of his powers primed his legend with a high-octane start. Not happy with the plunge in Apple's ( AAPL) share price? Lay the blame at the passing of Jobs. And surely Steve would have killed the clunky, Dick Tracy-inspired iWatch. (Jobs's message from the mausoleum: " Guys, you're craaazy, watches are becoming obsolete 'cause everyone checks the time on their iPhones. Go after Google Glass!")

Alas, the pristine perception of Jobs' job at Apple is due for a comedown. Bullying boss, petty perfectionist, tedious tweaker -- not to mention unengaged father and son: all these faults will come to the fore once our iPads and iPhones are chucked away with our Polaroids and Walkmans. Oh, and when was the last time you read about the good works initiated by the Steven P. Jobs Foundation? You haven't, because according to the New York Times he shuttered the effort just a year after it started in 1986.

Ironically, Bill Gates, long the brunt of Jobs' jabs and jokes, will enjoy a last laugh in the pages of history. Gates's world-changing philanthropic efforts will place him in far better stead than the demanding dude who promoted some long-forgotten gadgets.

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