SwissINSO Holding Announces Joint Venture With Acomet Solar S.A. To Meet Growing Demand For An Aesthetic Solution To Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)

SwissINSO Holding Inc. (OTCBB:SWHN), a pioneer in the development and application of new solar technologies and products targeted at enhancing the aesthetics and overall efficiency of Building Integrated Photovoltaic and Thermal solar energy solutions, today announced it has established a joint venture with Acomet Solar S.A., a solar façade integrator and company that specializes in metal and glass façade constructions. (

Mr. Arnold Egli General Manager of Acomet Solar S.A. stated “we are very happy at the opportunity of integrating SwissINSO’s unique breakthrough technology into our company offering. Colored solar panels, offering the same level of efficiency, will eliminate the problem of poor panel aesthetics that has hindered the development of PV and solar installations on roofs, building facades and architectural projects in general. So we see very significant growth opportunities going forward as we leverage our network to accelerate market penetration”.

Mr. Rafic Hanbali Chairman and CEO of SwissINSO added that “the experience that Acomet has in BIPV, and their ability to produce tailor-made frameless PV panels will allow us to rapidly install and show the market our revolutionary products. The ability to combine color and aesthetics into solar-panel production is a significant paradigm shift and it will provide SwissINSO with a significant competitive advantage in an industry dominated by black and blue panels.

We are also glad to announce that the first installation of light blue PV panels on a building façade has recently been completed by the joint venture, with several other projects contracted in Switzerland and the UK”.

In parallel with the signing of this JV agreement with Acomet Solar S.A., whose goal is the installation of tailor-made panels, SwissINSO is in discussions with leading PV and thermal panel producers for the mass production of their panels using SwissINSO’s technology.

Rafic HanbaliChairman & CEO

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