Cramer Still Likes PVH

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Jim Cramer explains why he still likes PVH, even after its recent pullback.

Debra Borchardt:

PVH ( AAPL)recently announced that they're going to have some layoffs with their Warnaco acquisition. Jim, PVH is a stock that you have liked?



Debra Borchardt:

You've like it for a long time. I've got to say. I have liked it too. I think it's been a great stock. I've got to say though, are we going to still like it here because it seems like it's starting to roll over a bit? There have been maybe some conflicts in the analysts. Some like it, some don't like it.



Debra Borchardt:

Where are you starting to fit in? Are you starting to feel like that it's run its course?


I don't think so. I think Manny Chirico 's done a great job integrating Tommy Hilfiger. A lot of people thought that Tommy Hilfiger was a suspect acquisition. I think that Warnaco is a natural fit. I had proposed on Mad Money that they buy Warnaco. I'm going to give you what is kind of a superficial case here though. In a market that's red hot. I don't want these hundred dollar stocks or places that people use to raise funds. We own Black Rock and Goldman Sachs for Action Alerts. They're just the heat seeking missiles. I wish I could raise a lot of money really fast and that's been the problem with PVH. Now obviously that's superficial because it's the dollar amount which we really care about. It's the earnings per share. But when the thing settles and it rolls over and the stock did have a big spike after they reported, then I think you want to buy PVH because Manny has been remarkable at integration. So my take is let it come in, but remember, go back and look at what happened with Tommy Hilfiger. You had quarter after quarter after quarter that it did well and now you've got this house of brands that is Calvin Klein. Warnaco was very under-managed. It was poorly run. Manny is a great operator. This will turn out to be a brilliant acquisition.

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