Orange Business Services Continues Momentum In Cloud Computing Market

Orange Business Services:

half-way through its 2015 Conquests Plan, Orange Business Services accelerates its cloud strategy

With €113 million in 2012 revenue from cloud computing, representing 33% annual growth over 2011, Orange Business Services confirms its objective to generate €500 million in revenue from cloud computing in 2015 as highlighted in Orange Business Services 2015 Strategic Conquest Plan.

In 2012, cloud computing gained momentum on the enterprise market. In France, 60% of companies with more than 1,000 employees have deployed or plan to deploy a cloud project. 1 An increasing number of companies, in France and globally, rely on Orange Business Services to achieve this major step in IT transformation.

cloud computing clients
500+ clients of Infrastructure as a Service 1
4,000+ clients of Customer Relationship Management solutions
1,200 clients of Messaging & Collaboration solutions 2
60,000+ clients of “Le Cloud Pro”

“To facilitate this migration, Orange Business Services clearly positions itself as a trusted operator and integrator providing enterprise-grade cloud solutions globally through a set of dedicated support services,” said Vivek Badrinath, CEO, Orange Business Services.

To meet its business objectives, Orange Business Services has the ambition to extend its strategy through new hybrid cloud models, combining various clouds (private, public, virtual-private) while providing a unified service experience to the customer and its end-users.

Orange Cloud Project – federation of Group and customers’ cloud resources

To provide a unified experience to the Group and its customers in France and all over the world, France Telecom-Orange entrusted Orange Business Services with its new Orange Cloud Project. The objective of this project is to federate the cloud computing expertise of the Group and to migrate all IaaS-based (Infrastructure as a Service) projects to Orange Business Services' Flexible Computing platform. By pooling internal and external cloud resources, the Orange Cloud Project intends to: reach critical mass on the cloud computing market; standardize the approach to accelerate time-to-market of new offers and optimize costs and deployment; and improve user experience. The Orange Cloud Project also stimulates innovation and provides new opportunities for Orange Business Services to launch new PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions. PaaS solutions will allow companies to develop their own applications hosted within Orange Business Services infrastructures.

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