Boeing 787 Dreamliners to Take the Skies Again

Over the next few weeks Boeing ( BA) will bring its newest commercial fleet, the 787 Dreamliner, back to the skies. The fleet was initially grounded after experiencing problems with its state of the art lithium ion battery system. 787s have been on the ground since January 16 th

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Overheating issues, which caused a fire in one instance and nearly did on another, occurred on two separate occasions over a two-week span. To reduce the risk of this happening again, Boeing is decreasing charging levels so the batteries never overcharge. They are also decreasing oxygen supplies to the batteries by storing them in stainless steel cases, among other procedures to reduce temperatures.

Right now the only American airline to use the 787 is United Airlines ( LCC), who has 6 of the 50 Dreamliners currently owned around the world.

The 787 is a huge part of Boeing’s future as a company. They have already received 890 orders for the Dreamliners. The planes cost from about $207M to $244M, so given an average price the nearly 900 aircraft represents $200,695,000,000 in revenue.

Boeing closed up 2.1% on Friday following the news that their most advanced fleet will be airborne again soon. How do you think the 787 Dreamliner will affect Boeing’s market position in the months to come? 

BA has been on a tear the last year, check out Kapitall's Turbo-Chart below:

( Written by Ryan Horch)

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