State Unemployment Rates For January, At A Glance

By The Associated Press

Unemployment rates increased in half of U.S. states in January from December, as employers nationwide temporarily scaled back on hiring.

The Labor Department said Monday that unemployment rates rose in 25 states. They fell in only 8 states and were unchanged in 17.

Nationally, the unemployment rate ticked up in January to 7.9 percent from 7.8 percent in December. Employers added only 119,000 jobs, the fewest in seven months and down from 219,000 in December.

Unemployment has since fallen in February to a four-year low of 7.7 percent behind stronger job growth.

Here are the unemployment rates for each state, compared to the previous month and a year earlier: State unemployment ratesFigures in percentagesJanuary 2013December 2012January 2012Alabama6.96.87.3Alaska6.76.67.2Arizona87.98.6Arkansas7.27.17.4California9.89.811Colorado7.37.58.3Connecticut8.18.28.2Delaware7.27.17.1Florida7.87.99.2Georgia8.78.79.3Hawaii5.25.16.3Idaho6.36.37.6Illinois98.69.1Indiana8.68.38.5Iowa555.4Kansas5.55.55.9Kentucky7.988.5Louisiana5.95.67Maine7.37.27.4Maryland6.76.76.8Massachusetts6.76.76.8Michigan8.98.99.2Minnesota5.65.45.7Mississippi9.38.99.4Missouri6.56.67.3Montana5.75.66.2Nebraska3.83.84.1Nevada9.79.812New Hampshire5.85.75.3New Jersey9.59.59.2New Mexico6.66.67New York8.48.28.4North Carolina9.59.49.6North Dakota3.33.23.1Ohio76.77.6Oklahoma5.15.15.4Oregon8.48.39Pennsylvania8.27.97.6Rhode Island9.89.910.8South Carolina8.78.69.5South Dakota4.44.34.4Tennessee7.77.68.2Texas6.36.27.2Utah5.45.46Vermont4.74.95Virginia5.65.66Washington7.57.58.5Washington, D.C. Virginia7.47.47.1Wisconsin76.77Wyoming4.94.95.7
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