Perkins Global Value Fund Receives 2013 Lipper Fund Award

Janus Capital Group Inc. (NYSE: JNS) today announced that Perkins Global Value Fund (Class D shares) received a 2013 Lipper Award as the Best Global Multi-Cap Value Fund for the five years ended December 31, 2012. The Lipper Awards honor fund management firms and individual mutual funds that excel in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance, relative to their peers.

Annual Lipper awards reflect consistency of return over time. They take into account both short- and long-term risk-adjusted performance relative to a fund’s classification and look back over a variety of holding periods, ranging from days to years.

Perkins Chief Investment Officer Jeff Kautz says the fund’s recognition by Lipper is a result of Perkins’ methodical research process and intense focus on downside protection. “We believe that by conducting rigorous downside analysis before determining upside potential, we may identify companies that offer favorable reward-to-risk trade-offs over a full market cycle,” Kautz said.

Perkins Global Value Fund invests in companies of all sizes around the globe, with an emphasis on companies exhibiting strong balance sheets and recurring free cash flows. Portfolio manager Gregory Kolb seeks to build a high quality, diversified portfolio of undervalued stocks while mitigating the potential for loss in difficult markets. Key to this effort is the calculation of a risk-reward ratio for each stock, based on a downside price target and a conservative estimate of the potential for price appreciation.

“We take a defensive approach to compounding returns over the long-term,” says Kolb. “Over the past five years, this cautious approach delivered positive returns while broad global benchmarks fell. We believe this approach may be distinctly well-suited to today’s uncertain market conditions, and that remaining mindful of the significant risks in the investing landscape will prove essential to navigating the next five years and beyond.”

About Perkins Investment Management LLC

Founded in 1980, Perkins Investment Management LLC (Perkins) is a respected value equity manager with $17.0 billion in assets as of December 31, 2012. The firm uses a bottom-up approach to build diversified portfolios of what it believes to be high quality, undervalued stocks with favorable reward-to-risk characteristics. Perkins believes that rigorous downside analysis conducted prior to determination of upside potential helps to mitigate losses during difficult markets and compound value over time. Perkins is an indirect subsidiary of Janus Capital Group, which owns the majority of Perkins.

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