Put another way, there is no possible "harm" that could result from smashing this banking oligopoly into little pieces that could ever equal the harm of living in an economic system subjected to the perpetual coercion, blackmail and endless acts of financial malfeasance of this white-collar crime syndicate.

Indeed, this same financial cabal tried to economically obliterate Iceland when it threw the financial oligarchs out of its own nation. Instead, by purging itself of this crime syndicate Iceland became the first and only banker-dominated economy to actually recover/escape from the financial carnage created in the Crash of 2008.

Similarly, when the sycophant/apologist Eric Holder insists the banksters are now "too big to jail" he instantly and conclusively proved these criminals must be brought to justice immediately.

Just as there is no possible scenario in which the TBTF crime syndicate could be allowed to engage in perpetual blackmail there is no possible scenario where these individual banksters could be allowed to be above the law.

There is nothing even slightly "theoretical" about this stating of the obvious. This financial crime syndicate has already perpetrated (by dollar value) the largest, serial crime spree in the history of humanity by a factor of more than 1,000, with their $500+ trillion Libor fraud merely being the latest example of the crime that has already been exposed.

Where is the "gray area" here in deciding whether or not the worst criminals in the history of our species should be prosecuted, jailed and then left to rot there until the end of time?

What is most pathetic here is the corrupt pattern of covering up crime by the U.S. government. The same rotten plutocracy that rammed through an "indefinite detention" law allowing it to lock up the Little People indefinitely without trial or public evidence being presented spends even more time/effort hiding and apologizing for the crimes of the oligarchs.

Prior to this outrage, it was only a few months earlier the federal government bullied U.S. states into agreeing to sweep tens of millions of acts of mortgage-fraud under the carpet -- a very, very big get-out-of-jail-free card.